Adam Stultz at Crawford Yingling Insurance’s 100 Year Celebration


100 Years.  Yes, you heard that correctly.  This small business in Carroll County, Maryland has been in business for 100 years!  That's crazy,  Even BIG businesses usually fold after a couple of decades but not Crawford & Yingling Insurance.  Nope, they are headed into a new century with the fourth generation taking the helm.  What's even more special is that they've decided Westminster, MD is where they're going to stay and continue their business.  Actually fun fact, Crawford & Yingling Insurance was originally named the Westminster Realty Insurance Company.  It's always fun to learn about these little things and even more special is being to hear about them first hand.  That was my treat when John and Ben Yingling hired me to cover their special event.


John Yingling, father of Ben Yingling and President of Crawford & Yingling Insurance was the first person we interviewed that day.  And why not?  John had taken over the business since the 80's and knows full well everything that used to be and everything that is now.  John actually has had some clients now for 65 years straight. Family after family and generation after generation.  John claims that is because they service their clients properly and treat them like family.  Well it certainly seems to be working as they had quite the turn out at their 100 year celebration and were honored by everyone from the local Westminster mayor Joe Dominick to Maryland State Senator Justin Ready  and other Maryland delegates.  It really was a special evening and one that was filled with friends and family both old and new.


To those friends and family who came out to the event, they were provided with quite the treat both literally and figuratively. Crawford & Yingling Insurance put out quite the spread of food, topped of with the largest amount of cake I've ever seen.  So much so, they were begging me to take some home.  Thankfully I'm not a sweets person so it was pretty easy to decline.  They also had digital cartoon character artist present that would draw your face in a great cartoon style, print it out into a badge, put it on a lanyard and then you could wear it around the party as an ice breaker to other people.  Quite clever really and something I'd like to look into myself should I ever have the appropriate event.  Then, outside where all the mingling was taking place, they hired a saxophone artist who was just a delight to listen to. Mix those three items in with amazing balloon decorations, incredible food and some light libations and it made for quite a wonderful evening.

crawford yingling insurance celebrates 100 years in business