Adam Stultz at Local Homestead Products 7 Course Farm to Table Dinner

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7 Course Farm to Table Dinner

Does it get any better than that? After attending the event and having the privilege of filming it, I can attest that NO, it does not indeed get any better than that. Local Homestead Product's 7 Course Farm to Table Dinner featuring pork was, in my humble opinion, an absolute success. Each course was more delicious than the last and the pork chop, pasture raised by LHP, was to die for. Hands down the best pork chop I have ever eaten. Even though it was blazing hot, the people LHP partnered with showed up and cooked some delicious food. They partnered with The Smoking Swine Food Truck, Molli’s Cafe, Shepherds Manor Creamery, Milkhouse Brewery and Cow Comfort Inn Dairy.  Thank goodness too because it was absolutely delicious.

adam-stultz-at-LHP-farm-to-table-dinner ©Kelly Heck Photography
BBQ-chef-bacon-blt-LHP-farm-to-table-dinner ©Kelly Heck Photography

The Bangin' BLT - A Smoking Swine Creation

One of the first dishes that blew my mind was the Bangin' BLT cooked and assembled by The Smoking Swine Food Truck.  Their cooks were gifted individuals crafting some of the most delicious pork dished you could ever imagine.  The Bangin' BLT was just a normal BLT but with THICK cut smoked bacon.  That bacon literally melted in your mouth and made the sandwich everything you could ever want it to be. If I could, I would eat this EVERY DAY, it's that good.  I mean Chik-Fil-A level good, but better.  I should mention though, the pork came from Local Homestead Products who pasture raised the pork and sell it fresh in their on farm market.  My goodness, I know where I'll be buying my pork from now on. 2425 Marston Rd, New Windsor, MD 21776

thick-cut-smoke-bacon-LHP-farm-to-table-dinner ©Kelly Heck Photography
banging-blt-smoking-swine-LHP-farm-to-table-dinner ©Kelly Heck Photography

7 Courses... And each one was delicious.

Course One consisted of a Shepherd's Manor Creamery cheese plate with smoked meats from Local Homestead Products just to tease the pallet. Course Two was the aforementioned Bangin' BLT by The Smoking Swine.  Enough said on that I'm sure.  Course Three was a salad where all of the ingredients were grown right at LHP's green houses and brought right to the dinner table.  It was topped with a lovely bacon dressing.  Course Four was 3 of Molli's Cafe's famous Deviled Eggs topped with Bacon bits from LHP.  Course Five was a Ham & Bean soup prepared by Molli's Cafe.  A true testament to them as the soup was delicious and there were no extra seasonings used in the soup.  Just the ingredients used.  A true testament of Farm to Table.  Course Six was the famous Pork Chop.  The pork was pasture raised by LHP and you could tell by the flavor. And finally Course Seven was a Sugar Cube Cantaloupe filled with Cow Comfort Creamery's ice cream.  I'll admit I wasn't much for the cantaloupe but the Ice Cream was out of this world.  Cow Comfort Creamery is a must have pit stop if you see them out and about.

Oh Yeah. There was also really good beer and music there.

Milkhouse Brewery's beers were on point for the dinner.  They had a different pairing for each course and the flavors were just amazing.  The best part about Milkhouse's beers are that they are 99.9% locally grown and brewed.  There's just something really neat about drinking a beer that hadn't been shipped across the country or came from somewhere you've never been to.  Top off the great beer and food with some wonderful live music.  Covering everything from Johnny Cash and Jack Johnson to well... you name it, the music was a great compliment to the evening.  Again, job well done Local Homestead Products.  Job Well Done.

Local Homestead Products - 7 Course Farm to Table Dinner filmed by Adam Stultz Maryland Video Production

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