Hi, I’m Adam Stultz!

I am a Freelance Video Specialist.

So what does that mean? Well, most video people specialize in crafts relating to pre-production (producer), production (videographer) or post-production (editor/animator).  I'm a rare breed.  When it comes to video, I do it all. With over 20 years of experience in everything ranging from producing and directing to design, videography and animation, I can create specially crafted content to drive engagement and accelerate sales.

My mission is to produce engaging, unique and touching video marketing campaigns tailored for your specific audience.  Your success is my success – and it starts with a well-executed video strategy. I will become a master at telling your brand’s story and we’ll deliver it to the audience who most needs to hear from you.

Lots of people "do video."  But it takes a special talent to listen to the client's needs, film their vision and then craft their story.  I am a storyteller and one who loves his craft.  Let me show you what video done right can do for you and your business.

Like What You See?


Reach out today and let me know how I can help.

I make engaging content. For mom and pop to the corporate top.

I thoroughly enjoy my craft of telling stories.

More importantly I love knowing why we’re telling the story.  ANYONE can make a video, and ANYONE can post it on the internet.  But it takes a special talent to understand the message a video is sending be it through story, visuals, audio, etc.  Yes, any video will work, but the RIGHT video will launch your company to the next level.

I spent my early years out of college working for some of the top video houses in the Mid-Atlantic region.  During my time being an employee, I had several video pieces aired on national and local television, and got to work with some big names in the process.  It is through this experience I have no doubt I can handle any needs your company should have when it comes to your video marketing.

Whether it’s live action, 2D/3D animation, or Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, I will tailor a specific plan for your business to meet its marketing objectives.  Not all video is created equal.  Reach out today and see why I make brands shine.