A Paw Paw Festival. Ever heard of a Paw Paw?

I had heard of pawpaws and I was curious to try one.  I had once heard of them referred to as the Hillbilly Mango.  They are supposed to be sweet and have a custard like texture.  They sounded delicious and I knew this was my chance to try one because they are hard to get apparently.  You either need to know someone who has a tree or get lucky at a specialty farmer’s market and hope to stumble upon them.  So, we went.

Long story short.  The pawpaws are delicious.  As one of their signs read: A creamy fruit, with flavors of Banana, Mango & Pineapple.

What we came to find out however, is that there were several different varieties each with its own characteristics. That and the fact that pawpaws have GIANT seeds, and a lot of them.  Once you get past all of that however lies a creamy, velvety, to me, coconut, pineapple, pear tasting flesh that is unlike anything you’ve ever tried before. They even had pawpaw ice cream, which I could have eaten all day! Pawpaws are so sweet, the ice cream had no added sugar at all and was out of this world.  It was a small and simple festival but served fantastic earth oven pizza, home brewed ginger beer, a live band and several other attractions.

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