An Introduction to Tiffany Noone, Owner of LCP

Wow! I was beyond thrilled with the video Adam Stultz produced for us here at Little Cuddlebug Photography. He made the process so simple and easy. If you tell Adam what you want out of the video and trust him to get it, he will deliver, every-time. Our video lives on our webpage now and is a great resource for new visitors to our site. Thank you Adam, it was a pleasure. ”  Tiffany Noone, Owner at Little Cuddlebug Photography

Little Cuddlebug Photography in Manchester, MD was just the most adorable shoot a video company can take part in.  Tiffany Noone, the Owner and Photographer of LCP was an absolute pleasure to work with and we were able to deliver on her vision of what makes Little Cuddlebug Photography so unique.  B-roll for this video was shot by Kelly Heck of Kelly Heck Photography in Taneytown, MD and the Interviews, Editing, Audio Mixing and Motion Design were handled and created by Adam Stultz of Digital Consulting LLC.


Adam Stultz of Digital Consulting LLC Interview / Audio Mix, Motion Design & Animation, Video Editing
Kelly Heck of Kelly Heck Photography Video Production, Videography (Canon 5D Mark IV b-roll), Lighting Design