An Introduction to Trevor and Victoria Hoff, Owners of LHP

The video Adam made for us is warm, engaging and exactly who we are. We would recommend Adam to anyone who wants a video and wants it done right.  In fact we’ve already passed him along to others, we’re that happy! ”  Victoria Hoff, Owner at Local Homestead Products

Local Homestead Products is a must visit destination.  If you like fresh, local and responsibly raised produce, meats, milk, bread, eggs, dessert, jams, and a WHOLE LOT more.  The you need to head to New Windsor, Maryland at 2425 Marston Rd and talk to Victoria and Trevor Hoff.  These two are always a pleasure to speak with and their greenhouses and shop are amazing.

The interview for this project was conducted by Adam Stultz of Digital Consulting LLC.  He also handled shooting the b-roll, editing, animation, and audio mixing of this video.  Kelly Heck of Kelly Heck Photography produced this shoot, handled shooting the b-roll, and lighting.

Adam Stultz of Digital Consulting LLC Videography (GH4 b-roll), Interview / Audio Mix, Motion Design & Animation, Video Editing
Kelly Heck of Kelly Heck Photography Video Production, Videography (Canon 5D Mark IV b-roll), Lighting Design