Local Homestead Products Farm to Table Dinner 2019

A 7 Course, Farm to Table Dinner, Hosted by Local Homestead Products

“Woah! This is literally the PERFECT video! You are AWESOME! I can’t wait to get these out there!”  Trevor Hoff, Owner at Local Homestead Products

Local Homestead Products, in New Windsor, MD; is doing agro-tourism right.  I was fortunate enough to attend and film their very first, Farm to Table Dinner that featured 7 courses.  It’s safe to say that Trevor and Victoria knocked it out of the park.  They partnered with The Smoking Swine Food Truck, Molli’s Cafe, Shepherds Manor Creamery, Milkhouse Brewery and Cow Comfort Inn Dairy.  Everyone came together to help prepare a 7 course dinner prepared using all ingredients grown and raised right on the farm.

This was easily the best dinner I’ve had out in a long time.  The Bangin’ BLT was just that and the pork chops was like eating a perfectly cooked filet.  They were our of this world.” Adam Stultz, Owner at Digital Consulting LLC

The interview for this project was conducted by Adam Stultz of Digital Consulting LLC.  I also handled shooting the b-roll, editing, animation, and audio mixing of this video.  Kelly Heck of Kelly Heck Photography provided hand held b-roll.

Adam Stultz of Digital Consulting LLC Videography (GH5 b-roll), Interview / Audio Mix, Motion Design & Animation, Video Editing
Kelly Heck of Kelly Heck Photography Videography (Canon 5D Mark IV b-roll)