A well made video takes careful planning and dedicated skill. I can handle everything from Producing and Videography to Editing and Motion Design

“What Types of Videos Can you expect me (Adam Stultz) to create?”

Adam Stultz and Digital Consulting LLC specialize in producing a wide range of video marketing projects, including but not limited to:

  • Training Videos for new employees, new systems or new ideas
  • Product Demonstrations of new apps, software, hardware or consumer goods
  • Commercials aren’t just for TV any more. Play your own commercial on the internet for FREE!
  • PSAs are always a good thing.
  • Nonprofit Promotional or Gala Videos because Nonprofits need money too!
  • Testimonials of the people who love your products and want to sing their praises.
  • Spokesperson Videos. You know, good looks, great voice, engaging presence.  Yeah, Spokesperson.
  • Presentations for Galas
  • Eye Catching Trade Show Videos to promote your products, services or goods
  • Recruiting Videos to help you get the best people for the job
  • Online Ads for YouTube, Social Media, etc. because like it or not the internet is here to stay, for good.

Pre-Production Services Include:

  • Concept Development of the video project for the video marketing campaign
  • Production Planning for how to bring the production together
  • Treatment/Script Development so that the production can go smoothly
  • Scheduling of talent, crew, locations and gear for the production
  • Talent and Crew Acquisition or finding the people needed to make the shoot happen
  • Equipment Acquisition to ensure we’re shooting with just the right gear for you and your video project’s needs
  • Location Scouting fo the proposed locations so that our crew can be prepared with the right equipment to make sure your video looks its best.

Production Services Include:

  • Production Management, or managing your production so that everything runs smoothly
  • Directing of the on screen talent to bring out the best end result in camera
  • Video and Audio Recording at the highest professional levels
  • Lighting Setup is everything when it comes to production, so we take our time and do it right
  • Professional Interviewer cable of getting the perfect snippet.

Post-Production Services Include:

  • Video Editing or the compilation of all of your company’s assets into a well made and engaging final video
  • Text and Graphics Conceptualization of the motion graphics to be used
  • Motion Graphics and Animation to bring the text and graphics to life
  • Music Selection from a number of professional resources
  • VO/narration also available from a number of professional resources
  • Proper Video Encoding to the format that works best for your needs
  • Video Distribution to any platform or medium you may need


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