Adam Stultz at Crawford Yingling Insurance’s 100 Year Celebration

100 Years.  Yes, you heard that correctly.  This small business in Carroll County, Maryland has been in business for 100 years!  That’s crazy,  Even BIG businesses usually fold after a couple of decades but not Crawford & Yingling Insurance.  Nope, they are headed into a new century with the fourth generation taking the helm.  What’s even more special is that they’ve decided Westminster, MD is where they’re going to stay and continue their business.  Actually fun fact, Crawford & Yingling … Read More

Adam Stultz at The Taneytown Historical Museum’s Hudson Day

Taneytown Historical Museum is quite an excellent and well thought out place. It’s exhibits, as George Naylor, one of the museum’s founding members jokes, “I think it’s second only to the Smithsonian in Washington.” Even though it certainly isn’t to that scale, it’s quite impressive what the members of the museum have done with the space given to them.  One such event the museum does with their space is what they call Hudson Day.  Hudson Day is comprised owners of old … Read More

Adam Stultz Gets Engaged to Kelly Heck

I found the one for me. It was a long and testing journey but I finally found the one for me.  Kelly and I met through a mutual friend named Muriel at her wedding. Kelly and I began chatting because I was shooting film for Muriel on my Mamiya RB67 medium format film camera.  Turns out, Kelly is a photographer, and a terrific one at that so she was amazed someone was actually shooting film.  A lost art nowadays unfortunately.  … Read More

Adam Stultz at The 3rd Annual Long Creek Pawpaw Festival

Kelly Heck of Kelly Heck Photography asked me one day: Hey, want to go to a Pawpaw Festival?” I did want to go.  I had heard of pawpaws and I was curious to try one.  I had once heard of them referred to as the Hillbilly Mango.  They are supposed to be sweet and have a custard like texture.  They sounded delicious and I knew this was my chance to try one because they are hard to get apparently.  You … Read More

Adam Stultz at Local Homestead Products

Trevor and Victoria of Local Homestead Products are amazing people.  You couldn’t find a sweeter couple, and I actually not only got to work with them on this video, but I also got to shoot their wedding with the very talented Kelly Heck of Kelly Heck Photography I feel spoiled because every interaction with Trevor and Victoria is a special one.  They just make you fell right at home. Trevor and Victoria’s green houses are AMAZING! What they can produce … Read More

Adam Stultz at Taneytown Dance Center

Working with Kimberly McCord Golliday (a.k.a. Miss Kim) of the Taneytown Dance Center was an absolute treat.  She put her upmost trust in us to capture the vision she wanted to portray for her dance studio.  Executed with a fog machine and occasionally just one light; Kelly Heck of Kelly Heck Photography and Adam Stultz of Digital Consulting LLC, captured Miss Kim in her natural setting of dance. We of course must also thank the owners of George’s On York … Read More

Adam Stultz at Little Cuddlebug Photography

Tiffany of Little Cuddlebug Photography has to have the most adorable job in the world. I mean she gets to photograph babies and families all day long!  What I’m upset about is I actually didn’t get to film any of the b-roll you see in this video.  Nope!  That honor fell to Kelly Heck of Kelly Heck Photography 2018’s Carroll County’s Best Photographer!  She is extremely talented and can capture video as well as you can tell from the adorable … Read More