Adam Stultz at Brewery Fire in Taneytown, MD with Kirk Seese of BB Murals

Kirk Seese owner of BB Murals

One Beautiful Mural

This mural was painted by Kirk Seese of BB Murals. It is one of the coolest collection of characters I have seen.  It appears the characters that made the list also greatly impressed Kirk himself as he even says,

"They were all my favorite characters from my favorite movies, so it's been a real treat."

Dave Palmer and Jesse Johnson of Brewery Fire in Taneytown, Maryland had seen Kirk's work at other breweries in the area. They knew they had to get him to paint a mural for their brand new location.  They could not have chosen any better because what Kirk has created for them is nothing short of fun and astonishing.

I myself enjoyed all of the video game references. The Kaneda reference to Akira all the way at the edge of the "bar" on the mural was also a nice touch. There really is something for everyone here. No matter if you're a movie fan, a tv fan, or a video game fan, you're sure to find a character that brings up fond memories.

Link from Zelda
Kaneda from Akira

Every character on the mural

brought back a memory of being young and impressionable.  I still remember to this day, all the times I watched Indiana Jones. The number of times I played Zelda. And I remember how my life flipped upside down seeing The Terminator and Alien for the first time.  What Dave and Jesse have done is create a time capsule of everything awesome from the 80's, 90's and 00's.  If you're at Brewery Fire drinking some beers, you're sure to find someone on this wall that you're like:

Yeah, I remember that guy!

The neatest part of the entire mural, in my humble opinion is that the bar scene takes place in a Star Wars style bar. Somehow it seems like a feasible place for all of the characters to be at once.  Video games, tv, movies, it doesn't matter, they all seem like they belong in the environment that Kirk Seese created for them.

The Terminator
The Mural

You should really check out Brewery Fire

Located in Taneytown, MD, Brewery Fire, is located behind the Thunderhead Bowling Alley. It's really the best of both worlds.  You can drink incredible, local beer and go bowling at the same time. Or order some delicious food from the bowling alley. Not to mention, Brewery Fire also has a Nintendo Switch, Super Nintendo and classic NES ready to play. If you and your buddies get restless while drinking some tasty beers, there you go.  It really is a unique experience and something that Taneytown needed badly.  I have no doubt that Brewery Fire are going to be here for a while and really add to the community.  I think it's easy to see that with the mural Kirk Seese completed and the beers that Brewery Fire are creating, it should be a win win situation.