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Video and Digital Marketing are constantly changing. We're here to help it make sense. Video is one of the best Return on Investments you can make for your marketing.  But it has to be done right.  It needs to make a clear, targeted and obvious statement about what it is you're trying to convey.  In order to do that for each piece of content, it takes careful and strategic planning.

We're here to help walk you through the process.  We will help you identify your target audience and why we're making the video that we are.  We will develop a concept of the video so that we can work with you to make sure we're heading in the right direction. And then execute your vision to perfection. What makes a truly great end product is the collaboration and relationship that we build with you through the process.  We strive to make your vision come to life all while developing a video that sells, inspires and elevates your brand.

♦ Pictured is Steve Moore, the owner of Run Moore. One of our many happy repeat clients who we have helped grow his business and online following.
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Hi, I’m Adam Stultz!

Owner of Digital Consulting LLC.

You know some video production houses do weddings.  Others make music videos, and some prefer to cover events.  My company? We make videos that sell, inspire and elevate your brand. That's ALL we do.

What we're most concerned about is how do our videos make your customers feel. A video for your company should motivate your potential customers to take action and buy your services or products. You want to see results, and what makes us happiest is seeing you achieve them.

We work closely with you to conceptualize and execute, funny, emotional and branded content that helps deliver your message to those who need to hear it. Tell your story well because knowing you better is what makes people buy.