Animation, also referred to as Motion Design is a great alternative to live in-person shooting.  This is especially true during COVID because a great animation can be accomplished all through email. Perhaps the most common phrases you hear with animation these days are "whiteboard" and "explainer video."  We all know these to be quick-cut videos where often text or animated characters are moving about the screen revealing key phrases or important images. It is very difficult to adequately describe the actual action of that text or image: it can fade, wipe, dissolve, twist, move, morph, and change in many different ways.

Putting a document together to adequately describe every action would be prohibitive in terms of time and the space required to outline all the detail. Instead, we'll work first on the script (which is intended to be read and recorded via voiceover,) and then show sample key phrases that should be highlighted in the script.  From there, the process is to finalize the script, and then begin the process of executing the motion graphics.

One good way to understand an animated video is this: it should look and sound great when viewed with audio. However, when audio is muted for any reason, the viewer should be able to get the same brand story via the graphics. The last important element is the timing. The script we hope to write should be comfortably read in less than a minute and a half. This is often the maximum length of attention one can hope to retain.

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The very first step and easily the most important one is the script.  Everything from the voiceover timing to the animation timing hinges on the script.  Therefore it is best to spend a lot of time at this step to ensure you're getting the appropriate message across.  Below is a sample of a script for Copper Freeze.

If you’re like most people, you probably deal with daily aches and pains. You know, that nagging, won’t-go-away pain that always seems to pop up at the worst times.
And if you have it, it’s probably interfering with your life - at work, at play, and at home.
Now imagine a life where pain isn’t a problem anymore. Imagine a way you could naturally peel away your pain in just 10 minutes.
That’s copper freeze. The revolutionary new product developed with the natural healing powers of copper. It’s easy to use, has no side effects, and it really works!
Take these three easy steps:
1st – rub copper freeze on your skin
2nd – wait 10 minutes to allow the copper to penetrate
3rd – peel away your pain!
That’s it! You’ll start feeling the healing in just a few minutes.

The secret of Copper Freeze is in the blend of natural mineral ingredients, including copper and magnesium, plus arnica, a natural herb known to help with inflammation.
Copper Freeze is not a greasy balm, always peels away dry, and has no menthol scent like other topical creams. Works on all kinds of typical aches and pains:
Lower Back
There’s no prescription necessary, and you can try it at home.
Order online today – it’s as easy as 1-2-pain-free!
Visit and get ready to peel away your pain!


When selecting a voice over artist, you should always go for the artist who meets the overall tone and energy of your script. Does this person sound like someone from your target audience?  Do you think they can convey the feeling of being your target audience? Do you feel they can convey the solution to your target audience's problem in a convincing manner? Take your time in selecting a voice over artist.  They will make or break the video.

You may notice after listening to the approved voice over below that the initial script is different in some sections.  Always have a 100% approved and solid script before going to your voice over artist.  Once their job is done, then and only then can your motion designer take over and animate your video.  This is because all timing now hinges on the reading from the voice over artist and any changes to the voice over once animation had started can result in large revisions fees.


15 Sec Script up to 45 words | 30 Sec Script up to 90 words | 60 Sec Script up to 180 words

Sample Copper Freeze Animated Audio/Visual 2 Column Script

During this step you will also focus on what visuals you will be using.  Perhaps you have an in house designer, great!  If not, we can purchase some stock vector work and go from there or just use text and still images.  The sky and your imagination are the limits with animation.



An Animatic is simply the storyboard put to the voiceover.  The purpose of the animatic is to see the timing of the screens with the actual timing of the voice over.  This will help you identify if you need to maybe add or subtract some scenes depending on the the animatic flows. Once the storyboard and animatic are fully approved then and only then can the actual animation process start.  All of the work done up to this point will help guide the motion designer in the appropriate direction.



This is the step where you get to see all of the work put into the process come to life.  At this point you should have a solid video to get those new leads and convert sales.