Here, I do more than "just make videos."  With me, we are going to dive deep into what makes your target audience tick, what their hopes and aspirations are and what problem we can solve for them with you and your company.

Your brand is awesome, your brand is unique.  You know this, I know this, but does your audience?  I'm sure they'll think so as well but you HAVE to tell them just how great you are.

Websites are a good start, social media is great to, but a video, designed precisely to activate that part of your customer's brain that says "I have to take action," is a home-run.  Tell your story quickly and effectively and your customers will want to know more.

A well told story can stir emotions and influence decisions.  Your video must be snack-sized, memorable and above all, informative.




Get this. Can you believe that according to 84% of consumers who watch a brand's video have been convinced to buy the product or service?

They also say that nearly 66% of people shopping would rather watch a short informational video than the 18% of people that prefer to read about it.

It should be clear that video is worth it.  If you're still not convinced allow me to offer one last thought. also claims that people watch an average of 16 hours of online video per week and are twice as likely to share that content with their friend and family than if it was just a picture or text.

Video is powerful but it must be done right.  That all starts with someone who will ask you the tough questions and walk you through the process of a great video marketing.



Tim Chiaruttini Owner of No Anchovies Taneytown


Hi.  Tim Chiaruttini here from No Anchovies in Taneytown, MD.  I run the local pizza shop in town and Adam Stultz has been doing my marketing for me for over 20 years.

All I can tell you is during that time, my business has done nothing but grow and flourish with the creativity and branding ideas Adam has executed for me over the years.

Perhaps the best piece of marketing Adam has ever done for me though is "THE VIDEO."  This video, still to this day, excites my customers and increases my business every time we re-share it on Facebook.  Actually it makes my customers so happy to see, and puts my product in their mind so wonderfully that my business increases by 40%, each and every time we share the video.

When Adam first approached me about doing a video for the pizza shop, I thought he was crazy.  I'm not good on camera.  I don't know what to say.  But lo and behold, I now have this video where I sound like I know what I'm talking about and did I mention it makes my customers so happy to see?

Adam made the entire process easy, not only in effort but in ability to understand why we were doing what we were doing and why it's going to be beneficial to the customer.

If you trust Adam and let him do what he's best at, there can only be one result for you in the end and that's success.  Watch my video which currently has about 50,000 views, 160 comments and over 1,000 shares.  The ROI has been more than apparent and I am thankful every day Adam convinced me that video is the way to go.

We've gone from "take the phone off the hook" busy on just weekends to "take the phone off the hook" busy almost every day.  Again, I attribute a lot of that success to Adam and his marketing.