A promotional video for the Taneytown Dance Center.  Come dance with us!

Taneytown Dance Center Promo Video

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Adam Stultz of Digital Consulting LLC! Adam’s professionalism and creative vision makes you completely comfortable in front of the camera. I was so amazed by the final product that Adam created. I highly recommend Adam for all your production needs. ” Kim Golliday, Owner & Directrice at Taneytown Dance Center

Taneytown Dance Center is a Taneytown, Maryland based non-competitive dance studio offering classes in various genres for children of all ages and adults. This promotional video project incorporated two video sessions: the first for behind-the-scenes b-roll footage, and the second for interviews.

The promotional video for the Taneytown Dance Center was incredibly inspiring to film.  Owner and Directrice, Kim Golliday, was our focus for the shoot – we wanted to illustrate her personal story and passion through the interview verbiage and the b-roll footage. The purpose of this promo was to impact the viewer emotionally, showcasing Kim’s intense passion. We wanted viewers connect to “Miss Kim”, while also feeling the urge to join her in the dance studio.

For the b-roll footage, we wanted a darker atmosphere. So we implemented one to two LED lights with a fog machine to add depth and interest in the light.  All footage was shot on a Canon 5D Mark IV and a Panasonic GH4.  To stabilize, both cameras were attached to Zhiyun Crane 2s. These shots were to focus on the grace and energy of dance.

The interview segment was conducted by Adam Stultz of Digital Consulting LLC. Adam’s questions all come back to Kim’s love of dance and how she applies that in her studio with her instruction and students.