Adam Stultz at The Taneytown Historical Museum’s Hudson Day


Taneytown Historical Museum

is quite an excellent and well thought out place. It's exhibits, as one of the museum's founding members, George Naylor jokes "I think it's second only to the Smithsonian in Washington." It certainly isn't to that scale but the space is quite impressive.  One event the museum does with their space is called Hudson DayHudson Day is comprised of owners of old Hudson Cars. Their cars have plenty of history and the owners love to tell tell their stories.

I never knew that Hudson Cars existed.

Sure you hear of Model T's and old Chevys or Fords, but Hudson?  That was a new one for me.  I must admit though, they were rather striking in person.  Apparently they were quite popular in their day and each one was custom ordered.  So popular in fact that one of the car owners, Lewis Mendenhall, even pointed out that Disney Pixar put an old Hudson Hornet in its movie Cars.  Being able to see under the hood and then climb into the driver's seat of these old vehicles was quite a treat.  You just don't see craftsmanship, attention to detail and flat out design like this in vehicles any more.  Sure modern convenience is nice, but old school flare and class is hard to beat.  By the end of the day I found myself wondering, "Wonder if I could find a Hudson?"

I can surely say that I am going back to Hudson Day

The people there are warm and inviting and the whole atmosphere is just fun.  Not to mention you can look at, touch and climb into some really cool old cars.  Trust me, it's not every day you see a Hudson. When you can see them up close and hear their stories it's just amazing. Taneytown is a small town in Carroll County, MD but I can say it's got a big heart.  The people here really care about their community and their heritage. So if you find yourself near Taneytown, be sure to check out the Taneytown Historical Museum's website for all of their latest events and exhibits. Then, be sure to stop by their location and say hello.