Adam Stultz at Local Homestead Products

Trevor and Victoria of Local Homestead Products

are amazing people.  You couldn't find a sweeter couple, and I actually not only got to work with them on this video, but I also got to shoot their wedding with the very talented Kelly Heck of Kelly Heck Photography I feel spoiled because every interaction with Trevor and Victoria is a special one.  They just make you fell right at home.

light in the green house
A customer checks their eggs

Trevor and Victoria's green houses are AMAZING!

What they can produce and keep FRESH and on hand year round is a sight to behold. Not to mention, the green houses operate THEMSELVES!  Yes.  All by THEMSELVES!  Too hot? They'll open up and kick on the fans if necessary. Too cold?  They'll close everything down and seal up tight to keep as much warmth in as possible.  Ah... technology.

The Hanging Baskets

Many people don't know this but Local Homestead Products

sells a lot more than just produce.  They have everything from chapstick, soap and dog bones, to honey, fresh bread and even desserts.  All LOCAL!  There's no doubt that after you shop at Local Homestead Products you're going to be glad you did. The freshness burst out of their products with every bite.